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Is the content on the app available in multiple languages?

The Warner Bros. Home Entertainment App is currently available in English and Italian. More languages will be made available soon.

Make sure you have your phone’s language setting set for one of these available languages. 


1.     On the Home screen, locate and tap the icon that shows the image of a gear.

2.     When the following screen appears, tap the section that shows a similar gear icon.

3.     Locate the group of settings, which contains three options. Tap the International option. 

4.     On the next screen, tap Language.

5.     Pick your language from the list and tap the bright blue icon in the upper right.


1.     Tap the menu button on your phone, and then select "System settings to get started with changing the language.

2.     Scroll down the settings page, towards the bottom.

3.     Select "Language & Input" from the options listed.

4.     Click on the option right at the top titled "Locale."

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